About our company

As a demolition company we are fast developing and strengthening our position on the market with more and more demanding projects.

We are demolishing using professional machinery and with highly skilled manual technics in the most complex cases.

Our works starts from the design of demolition and necessary tests which we fully cover, we are always disposing all the materials in most eco-friendly manner keeping the highest standards. We are handling demolitions with hazardous materials and providing proper recycling.

Our demolition department has been awarded with ISO 9001 standard.



We provide services with highest standards of HSE and environment safety.

We are using all available demolition technologies always considering safest and economic solutions.

  • technical expertise of existing structure and safety solution for choosing correct method.
  • Design of demolition together with necessary permits
  • demolition of: buildings, reinforced concrete structures, steel structures, concrete foundations, chimneys etc.
  • Partial demolitions, securing the parts of the structure that should continue its service
  • demolition of chimneys with blasting technics
  • ground and earth works, levelling of surface
  • concrete and debris crushing


Our company has lead demolitions of structures up to 80 000m3, we have been taking down chimneys of 40m.

Our works were spread from busy city centers to closed chemical plants with high risk level of works.

We have all necessary tools from small excavators, through Manitou and concrete crasher up to large excavators with hydraulic shears for cutting concrete.


Construction company

GWP provides managed teams of labour to support our clients on major Civil, Commercial and Residential projects in Scandinavia. We provide experienced and flexible workers committed to delivering projects safely and to the highest standards.

We provide flexible managed teams to cover business peaks, supplementary teams to assist our clients’ teams on projects or teams who will complete entire projects with high level management input only from our clients.

Our teams consist of supervisors, foremen, charge hands, engineers, and surveyors/safety men where our clients require such resource. Our teams all know each other and have worked together consistently.

GWP excels at:
– Rapid mobilisation,
– Providing Cost-effective productive teams,
– Excellent observance of Health and Safety,
– A highly experienced management team with a strong record of bringing large projects on in time within budget.

GWP are easy to work with, reacting quickly when issues arise and developing strong relationships with our clients.


Our engineers and workers were involved in construction projects in Denmark and Norway.

Most important are:

Office project in Oslo (Norway)

Workers were involved in casting of structural elements in "bubble deck" system for AF Scandinavia.1.png